Packable Oilskin Poncho


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The Packable Poncho is the ideal waterproof coverall, that folds into itself for easy transport.

Lifestyle: Outdoor, Workwear, Western, 

Key Features:

-  Oilskin, unlined                                                                                              -  Breathable, Waterproof                                                                                  -  Unisex                                                                                                            -  Front zip pouch, Poncho packs away into front zipped pocket                      -Large gusset v-neck opening, "D" Ring attaches to pack on saddle               - Adjustable shock cord hood                                                                          - Grommets to aid in making it a shelter

Measurements:    Tarp Measurement - 198 x 152cm                                                                         Garment Length - 99 - 104cm                                                                           Measurement when packed in pocket - 40 x 23 cm

Care Instructions:

Your oilskin can be cleaned using a dry brush to remove any dirt. If it needs to be washed, use water only and allow it to air-dry.  To remove sweat and odors, you can mix 1/3 vinegar with water. We also recommend re-oiling your oilskin once a year to maintain its waterproof qualities with our Duckback dressing.