What is Oilskin?

What is Oilskin?

Few people know that Australia’s famous Oilskin was actually born at sea. Sailors learned that treating old sails with linseed and whale oil would produce incredible protective wet weather gear. Technology has come a long way since then, and Outback’s Oilskin is engineered to keep the wearer dry in the heaviest of thunderstorms while being strong enough to withstand working life on the land. Outback Oilskin is produced from 100% Cotton, enabling the fabric to breathe. This property lends the fabric to not only high-performance wet weather gear but stylish casual clothing such as jackets and vests as well.

What can I expect from a brand new oilskin product?

Oilskin garments have a 'break in' period, where the extra oils leave the fabric and the body heat sets the oils. The breathability of your garment will increase after the 'break in' period, When wearing your garment for the first time and undertaking strenuous activities, the breathability of the garment many not perform as you would expect, as it is still going through the 'break in' period - you may feel wet from perspiration as these gas molecules are unable to pass through the fabric at this time.

Care should be taken so the garment does not come into contact with other fabric or leather items until the surface oil has evaporated.

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